What we do

The Snowbird Ski Patrol community has always supported our members and community nonprofits through donations and sales of the SSP’s avalanche dog t-shirts. Likewise, our friends and community have informally supported the patrol with annual scholarship opportunities for education and life experiences. While both programs were functioning well, the patrol wanted to grow and create more opportunities for supporting the community as a whole by becoming an official nonprofit. And so, in July of 2020, Friends of Hidden Peak was founded.

In doing so, we have expanded our ability to support and strengthen our community by pursuing opportunities to broaden our charitable donations, scholarship programs, training opportunities, community building events and programs to support the physical and mental well-being of our patrollers and our community.

Even though the days of popping into the patrol top shack to buy a t-shirt are gone, we hope you’ll find our nonprofit and our mission worth of your continued support through a direct donation, participating in one of our fundraisers or through purchasing an avalanche t-shirt through Snowbird!